entry two

The onrush of thought and everything blends and merges. Bleeding together like one too many colors on a fresh canvas.

It’s not bad, this life of mine. But there’s a weight. A Pain. A Gnashing. And it won’t go away. The bombardment of life that is never ceasing. The longing for the calm that never comes.

My children play. Maddie scoots with her truck carrying cars around the kitchen and through the downstairs spaces. Tucker is playing creative in the game-room above. And I click off the TV that has been playing incessantly for the past couple days, and breath a sigh of relief.

There it is. And it’s gentle.

Reassurance. My children can play out imagination, and I can write and read and escape while being surrounded by their joyful antics.

My Heavenly Father sees the needs of my heart, and those of my tiny family’s- and He covers us with His grace.


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