entry five

I watch quiet as she places toys in bucket- her tiny face full of concentration. Buckets stacked and she hauls them up by handle- they are taller than her legs and bump ground awkwardly. And she’s proud. Face full of accomplished satisfaction. And I smile.

pails with shovels bright and tall. 

dark wood floors slapped by bared feet. 

little girl ankles crossed content. 

snap of rope-bracelet clasping. 

The ground is wet. Drenched with rain. Water seeps into dirt and swirls mud. Flowers and trees drink deep- I can almost hear the sigh of quenched satisfaction envelop me. Concrete shines with the liquid freshly fallen, and skies of grayest serenity breath calm into the pace of the day.

The children whine but I find my temper and keep fast hold of it. Bending knee to little-boy level I coax him out of whimpering incoherent and into conversation sweet.

Blueberries ripe and round in sink. 

knife slicing through thick sharp cheese. 

Little girl cuddles lamb and sucks fingers, as she relaxes back into mound of pillows. Little boy lays on couch curling in toes as he drinks in calm. The evidence of how the weather affects our small abode. The soothed tired- a lulling respite. The rain dances lullaby, and I breath deep.

This. The here. The now. The calm.

Baby girl smiles teeth and poses feminine silly. 


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