God’s Provisions in Nature… Part 1

and wow, has it been a while? 

Is this what happens? When life crashes rough and things just start to spin? You cling tight and let that whirlwind sweep you right out of Kansas? 

to pursue daily time with Him who has given His all, for all of you, for all of time… and then still.

to have someone who comes along side the wearied you, and helps you cling to that ruggedness of a cross and the gift of emptied tomb.

I have always struggled it seems with one health thing or another. from undiagnosed auto-immune diseases to things that stump my doctors still. and am I among the crazy that believes God will give us all the things we need? possibly. yes. from having four different types of ADD- to a Non-verbal Learning Disorder- taking prescriptions for all of them, and none of them truly helping without causing serious side effects….

now, don’t get me wrong, I believe there is a time for modern medicine- I wouldn’t have some of my favorite people here with me today if modern medicine did not exist.

I vaccinate my children.

But it’s the other drugs that worry me… and I want to find alternative, natural, solutions for better ways to take care of my family… and my home.

From my last post to last week I was having panic attacks every. single. day. (sometimes most of the time more than once.) but I believe that when God created this wondrously intricate world, He created ways for us to care for ourselves. In nature, there are so many wondrous things that can help heal, build your immunity, aid in rest, balance hormones, purify and clean, or just flat out cure.

the lovely and beautiful Abby Perry, a role-model to me in so many ways, a warrior of a woman- yes, her- she reached out to me in the midst of all the “crazy,” and started to give me information on some wonderful little pieces of God-given-earth-gifts called doTerra essential oils. I went back and forth, teetering on the edge, and then, with a package dedicated to “tranquility, calmness, full body relaxation,” I up and plunged right in.

I’ve had “Balance,” “Serenity,” and “Whisper” for one week now. I’ve been experimenting with them daily, and just diffused “Balance” last night while going to sleep…


And the anxiety attacks have lessened.

And y’all, this last week was THE last week of school! Yeah, I don’t think anxiety goes down one iota on its own accord during the week to end all weeks.

The family physician kit is on the horizon for the next purchase- I mean, oh my goodness these things can do SO much. The Introduction To Essential Oils Kit looks like an amazing starter kit (with SO MANY USES) for those who, like me, are just sitting there teetering. Or even for those who are completely skeptical and rolling their eyes.

So there is my “one week in” update… there will probably be many more intermingled here…

the things that God has placed into this world for us just continues to knock wind out of sails and fill me to overflowing. from the gift of Him in us, His unfailing promise to work all things for good, to provide for our every need. He is so gloriously good, I am in awe of Him. 

just. standing. in. awe.

and oh the adventures are becoming grand…

and this home is abundant in wondrous crazy…

So stay tuned everybody…

I am also planning on becoming a Distributer with Juice Plus+ and there will be more on that later. but for those of you wanting to add FOOD to your every day for your entire family- food that maybe you don’t have regular access to, or just for peace of mind that your family is putting some amazing, wholesome, organic, goodness into their bodies- seriously check it out! 




2 thoughts on “God’s Provisions in Nature… Part 1

  1. There’s a gal here in Norway who is selling doTerra oils and swears by them! I was thinking about looking into them for my nanny who’s having horrible morning sickness. Thanks for sharing your perspective and experience with them and how they have helped you! Love the idea of a natural solution!

    • They are so awesome! I’d recommend the Intro Kit- think it’s $27ish – I linked to it in post and also the “so many uses” is a link to 101 ways to use just those three oils! The only thing that has ever TRULY helped with nausea (kind of have a long standing unwanted relationship with that loveliness) has been essential oils- peppermint! SO so great!

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