essentially tackling health part 1

so this is about essential oils. and health. and the fact that i started to have a sore throat yesterday. i honestly thought i was just going hoarse and nothing to be concerned about…
and then oh hoh hoh. did i wake up to p.a.i.n. this morning! like oh my gosh my lymph-nodes are swollen, head is congested, throat on raw fire, i am going to die: pain.

enter essential oils.

first, Lemon.
around ears and on lymph-nodes. sigh. and oh my gosh it was working. instant depressurization in head. pain level everywhere going down.
and excitement as i pick up the next bottle.

two-three drops on bottoms of feet applied neat. (this is a hot oil, so dilution is recommended for sensitive skin with carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil or olive oil) but yes, the article i read gave warnings but that person had applied it neat (without carrier oil) and hadn’t had any side-effects.
soooo… i did it too. oil on bottoms of feet, socks on to try to keep oil from going all over the floors.
relief continued to flood my body as i headed down to the diffuser to put in 3 drops of On Guard oil.

i repeated everything with my congested and coughing four-year-old. diluting the On Guard on the feet and also applying diluted Breathe to his chest.


and ohhhhh glory is all i have to say about that.

throat is still a little sore and i probably need to gargle with Lemon/On-Guard combo- but right now i am curled up in bedroom sanctuary chair and reveling in my victory over these sickly symptoms.

will be back with more on these little beauties later, but just wanted y’all to know what’s going on in this world of oils and our attempts at healthier living! 😉




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