when you decide to build an ark…

you’re going to feel like the mouse who was given the cookie.

because the calling is warming and lovely and good.

and then you become bored with it.

or you eat it.

either way, you begin to compile a list.

and to expect that what’s next on your list is the thing you need to get next.



and one item leads to another and to another…

and we never stop to ask what our next step should be…


i am building an ark.

well, i am called to build an ark.


i have a hammer.




but i don’t know what the end result is.

i do not have every step laid out for me in an organized manner.

and yes, even writing that out is difficult for me. admitting that i do not and will not have control.

not even close.

i’m not sure what i have.

and there’s a voice in the back of my head telling me that all of this little stuff is utterly pointless.

that these little things are like throwing a couple pebbles into the pond. when what you really want is to roll that boulder off the cliff and watch the waters erupt.


“Mover” and “Shaker.”

it’d sure be nice to have those labels.

currently i’m living under the monikers “Wife,” “Mom-of-Three,” “In-Over-Her-Head,” “Pretty-Sure-She-Doesn’t-Know-What-She’s-Doing”… and, well, you get the picture…

i forget the one title, the one identifier, that actually and ultimately matters: “Co-Heir-with-Christ”

see, He’s the one asking me to build this ark. For Him.

patiently. persistently. daily. i am called to pick up my cross and follow Him. every day, for that day, to take the little steps i am called to take out of obedience to the One who holds the Bigger Picture in the palm of His hand.

to relinquish the living of my life for my own self, surrendering it to Him.

and taking those nails, those boards, that hammer, and building with my life something greater.


you need the little steps to accomplish the big things.

you can’t run a marathon with one gigantic leap. sadly. otherwise i would totally have run a few of those by now.

But there’s still good news, because you don’t need to know how to build the entire ark.

just know how to take the little steps.


because you can’t build an ark in a day.

God’s best for you unfolds throughout your life. as you make the little, seemingly inconsequential choices, to obey Him.

yes, at the end of my days i may look back on it and never see some enormous, world changing magnitude of erupted waters.

but there will be the ripples from those pebbles.

touching more ripples from others’ pebbles.

and all of those ripples will have an effect that will be made perfect.




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