scorched numb

there is this drowning in the desert.

and a scorching of our souls to numb.

because there are the days when we are trying to keep up with the culture.

to keep the pace, stay in stride, make a to-do list, and make sure every item has a check mark next to it before we lay down our heads at the end of a long day.

and maybe we are accomplishing mundane, fluff of tasks.

and missing out entirely.


so we begin to drown.

and the oceans can be waves of sinking sands, and we can sink right down into the pit of them if we stop looking at Jesus. if we stop living into Him, giving all unto Him…


“No man can serve two masters — Whose interests and commands are directly contrary to each other; for either he will hate the one and love the other — And therefore, while he employs himself in the service of the one, will, of course, neglect the interest of the other: or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other — That is, will adhere entirely to the love and service of the one, and quite abandon the other. Do not therefore impose upon yourselves so far as to imagine that your hearts can be equally divided between heaven and earth.” [Benson Commentary on Matthew 6:24, emphasis mine]

 so the building of lives through smart phones and fashionable clothes, the focus now placed on our self’s own faces instead of who else could occupy those spaces?

 have we not forgone the Creator, bypassed Him entirely, for an instant gratification that is the here-in-front at-our-finger-tip places?

 have we forgotten what it means to build our lives on the solid Rock? or are we too invested in the next season on Netflix, one more episode– or one more clicking of that circular arrow, to see if we missed any part of any one else’s lives– while all out avoiding our own. and just plain Missing. IT.  


grown numb. in the desert of our own making.


this dry and desolate land, where the oasis lying in front of us is but a mirage, a cheap thrill- and cannot even begin to compare with the glory of the Kingdom of God poured out on us.

 so yes, we are missing it.

and missing out.

convincing ourselves that one more bite of chocolate will satisfy that very real ache for more in the black pit of our souls.

iphone fish bowl

we have learned an art of deceiving our very selves, and there is only one whom we can learn that from. the world is littered with his false hopes and promises- and we buy into them all- and leave God waiting as we chase after the lures of another

oh yes, they shine and glitter and distort the Son, appealing to our own depravity.

and we chase hard after them, these glittering falsities.

exhausting ourselves.

numbing ourselves.

fighting to swim to these promised nothings– not realizing that we have stopped walking on top of the water- and now the waves are crashing over us.

and yet, He remains. His hand outstretched. waiting for us to slow to stopping.

to look.

to turn our eyes to Him.

because the momentary pleasures of this world will fade. fast.

 while the Joy that we so desperately thirst for, and search for, only comes when we completely live abandoned to this world, and unto Christ’s Kingdom.

there is no perishing there. no fading.

the glory of God remains – never failing, never wavering, all consuming, for all of eternity.

 so are we ready to stop?

are we ready to live a full life of crazy… dangerous…– with eyes, hearts, and minds fixed firmly on God… every. day. til Kingdom come?

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