All Creatures of our God and King, Lift up your Voice…



The problem is, there has been a line drawn in the sand.
— But not from those who support either of these people- Not really.
No, the line in the sand is rather haters of one against haters of the other.
— I have not heard from a single person their belief the person they are voting for is the actual, factual, really real best candidate for the job.


We don’t want him, because he’s said this.

And we don’t want her because she’s done this.

We don’t like him, because these are his patterns.

We don’t like her because she’s deceived on many matters.


He is not a leader we want as an example to our children.

She should not be in the running but rather she should be in prison.

If he gets elected we will see a nuclear war.

If she gets put in office she will bring the end of it all.



Do you know which of these you will choose?

Do you even know which, if either, is true?

Because I do believe both of these sentiments false,

–and that our country is becoming so utterly lost.


Because here is the truth,

and I hope you see it too:

We are being ruled by our fears

while our faith gets the boot.


I’m not hearing that we have a different choice,

to “speak up, speak out, go ahead you have a voice!”

If you can’t stand behind either then why stand behind one

-you see as less threatening-

But whom you still don’t believe will get the job done?


Why aren’t we in prayer, on our knees, begging grace?

And mercy and kindness and love to replace

All of the hate and fear in our hearts–

Why don’t we ask Him where we should start?


In God we trust” is what we all claim–

But are we coming to Him at the breaking of day?

Are we seeking Him out in humility to ask–

what vote He wants us to actually cast?  


Or do we hold tight to our comforts and abandon our Lord?

Striving and clawing and crying for more?

For more to join us, to join in this fray–

Is this the devil working to destroy all our days?


Oh yes, he’s bearing witness with glee,

as he witnesses this land of liberty

and it’s freedoms all being fully enslaved

To the fears of citizens’ comforts being taken away.


This is not a following of Jesus,

This tearing asunder

Is allowing the devil to come in and to plunder.

So go ahead: fight against this looming day…


By ganging up behind a person you didn’t want in the first place.

But chant all their slogans til your blue in the face.

And become one of so many marching ants

–who only shout and cry out against a person they hate.


Just keep this in mind, while you struggle in step

In the midst of some mudslingers you haven’t fully met

The person you cheer and the person you despise

Were both equally created in the Maker’s Eyes.


They are both human, so this is both true-

The person you hate was made just like you.

In the image of God, His bearer they are –

He alone created them and He knows every mar.


The freedom to elect by voting was never meant

To ring every one out until they’re utterly spent

The leaders of our country were meant to be

Elected by people like you and me–


Not because of a fear one would be worse-

But an actual belief one was the right course-

That one would go down in our proud history

As the best person to lead our “Land of the Free.”


In this election, however, this just isn’t the case-

So, I’m asking, are you just trying to save face?

Or are you casting your vote for one who will serve –

The absolute best in the office this term?


Because, if your answer is no, if you haven’t been praying

And humbled down on your knees until they are aching- 

If you haven’t been letting your Father know-

You believe He’s still here, you believe He will show


Then why on this earth do you not give this to Him?

And vote how He saysgive. Him. the. win.

We can play to our fears, and hold our liberties tight–

Or we give them over to God, and let this be His fight.


Vote as a Christian, not just as a person

Afraid for your party to lose an election.

Let’s lay down our weapons, and while they’re gathering dust

May we actually be a nation who IN GOD WE DO TRUST.



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