where vision and passion mix

i dream big. it’s true.

some may say i dream too big.

that i catch a vision for something and before you know it i’ve made it something entirely too unattainable.

yes, some may say that…

call me crazy but i’m under the impression that where God gives passion, He provides a path, and will enable the impossible.


i have a list of “unattainable”s.

i have a vision of being a part of the ending of human trafficking. the abolition of slavery. everywhere.

for it to be done. finished. over.

… of witnessing the end of abortion. on a global scale.

and i know that there will come a day where evil and sin will be no more. the last breath of Satan will be taken and God, His truth, His love, His mercy, His justice will be all that exists.

oh sweet GLORY. knowing that brings peace.

but it doesn’t bring complacency. because His Kingdom is now, here, and we are the church.

so we are called to action.

we are called to “Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.” (Micah6:8)

photo (3)

and God loves to make the unattainable attainable. by His power. working all things together for our good and His glory.

so why not dream big?

as a body we have dreamt of serving the impoverished. we are making clean water attainable, providing shoes for children’s feet, coming along side of people groups and helping them learn how to care for their children, how to make businesses that thrive and provide. we have built orphanages and adopted children. reunited children with their parents. brought them to forever homes. we are setting captives free and giving clothes and food to the homeless. providing for the widows. all. through. HIM.

so why not dream big?

why not see the places that have now been given access to clean water and dream about bringing them a system in which they can grow gardens for their communities in towers of water? towers that use 10% of water the produce would normally use to grow… saving water, providing food.

okay so maybe that’s a big leap to make right now…

but what if these same towers could be used to cripple the mega markets? because we have problems in this country too. children are facing health issues like never before and the majority of those issues can be linked back directly with what they are putting into their bodies. food off the shelves of stores that shouldn’t even be there.

foods that are illegal in other countries because of their ingredients, our children are pumping into their bodies on a regular basis.

and even when you find a product that is “good,” it turns out to be produced by a morally and ethically corrupt company.

i recently looked up my laundry detergent. ALL “free and clear” and what i found was this: the product itself was not harmful. it was actually a “10” on the scale of unsafe to completely safe to use. but then there were the moral and ethical scales of the company that it was produced by. those numbers were much lower. much lower.

it’s purchasing consciously. purchasing with a purpose. caring enough to not support a morally and ethically corrupt company that you are okay with paying a couple dollars more for laundry detergent.

so what if we decide to purchase purposefully?


jaymartin quote

what i learned about these “tower gardens” though is that they don’t cost more. you actually save money the first year (when you’re paying off the garden) and then you continue to save hundreds of dollars each subsequent year…

so you get to better your family’s health and the health of others’ (because let’s be honest, those babies grow a ton)- all while supporting a company whose goal is to better the health of this world.

so here’s my vision.

to start small.

to start in my own home.

to grow outwards…

to partner with schools. because how awesome would it be for pizza sauce with red40 to stop being considered a vegetable- replacing it with actual vegetables that the children have spent their time nurturing and growing?? 

and then to take a step and incorporate a way where you could “buy one, gift one” and help others around the globe live full, nurtured lives.

i think it’s a step worth taking. and an impact this world desperately needs.

access to whole foods and good nutrition. outside your door. and across the globe.


for the love of passion and fear

and y’all.

and can i just say “wow.”

yeah, the way that new NMD said it in her acceptance speech today.



And “God is Good. All the Time.

All the Time. God is Good.”


when you start your morning with those words? yeah, you know something’s coming and you best get ready for it. things are about to get messed. up…. in the absolute bestest way possible. yup i said bestest; go with it.


you know that “dream job?” that elusive, one in a million, can’t find it because i swear it doesn’t exist? yeah, that one…


where passion meets gifts and culminates with what someone will actually pay you to do? …there might not be much in that little overlap of groups. but there will be something. even if you can’t see it… yet.


Oh, the “yet,” don’t you just LOVE the “yet?”

it’s very possible you don’t.

at least, not yet.


And that is A-Okay. because so long as you keep looking for the window, God will lead you through one. sometimes… most times… in the unexpected kinds of ways. maybe it will feel like He wrapped you tight around a rock and through you through that window.

He actually probably will. if He hasn’t already.


the “i’m not expecting anything more than this to happen here,” ways…

the too low expectations ways. those times where you go into something- an event, a day, a job- with little to no expectations and He gets to just blow it up geiser-style in your face!

…in a good way.


always a good way.


that is this. that is here.

you see, for what seems like forever i have been FLOUNDERING. no seriously, F–L–O–U–N–D–E–R–I–N–G.  that fish out of water, suffocating on the driest of ground? That. has. been. ME.


i have been perpetuating the dry ground. living in the desert i have created for myself. trying to thrive there… and, on many occasions- let’s just be honest, they are more than i would like to admit- have found myself just plum trying to cry an oasis into existence. yes, i have been there.


and i am leaving there.

here. now. gone. done.

first steps

i found passion for something that is multi-purposeful. it feeds directly into the huge key areas i am so desperately restless to be a part of actively doing something for. it is something i already have a foot in and have been wading in the water debating on whether or not i actually want in.


i kinda was wanting that writing on the wall, moment of epiphany, “ahah” moment. waiting to see if interests and talents can turn into passions and if those in turn can become something i could actually develop into a legitimate career. the kind that could support a family. give financial freedom. enable some of these bigger dreams i’ve been dreaming to come to fruition…


yup. got my writing.

on a jumbo screen.

in computer print and colored slides.

in watching rerun of an Olympian break a world record.

in women. women of all ages with all stories talking about a journey they have taken that, let’s face it, is doable. hard. but doable.


empowered women will stir emotion you didn’t know resided in you. strangers stories resonate so deeply and we react so strongly. why? because it’s real. and oh so good to hear. it’s encouragement and joy and beauty.



i kinda don’t want to tell you all of my revelations. not just yet. i don’t want to unleash the floodgates of facts and passions and the little dreams and visions i have- of how they could come together to impact cultures. globally. profoundly.


if you have any sort of insight into what i’m doing in my life right now, this weekend, then you probably know where this is headed.

but here’s what i want you to do: lose your expectations.

i just found passion. here. in learning and being educated. in researching and listening. flood waters have been unleashed. there’s a stirring that i can direct to something and somewhere and it’s exciting.

scaring the guts right out of me exciting.


but Jennie Allen spoke truth and encouragement the other day. i knew i needed to hear this. i just didn’t know how much:

“here is the thing about leading something…. you will be loved and hated.

So, as one facing her two worst fears, being hated and/or humiliated, let me tell you what I have learned:

Receive criticism. If you want to lead well, just never defend yourself again. Take it. Jesus actually meant it when He said, “To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also.” Luke 2:28 Because it is the very most freeing way to live. (Note: I did not say easy). I learned this one the hard way, and let’s just say it led me to my next lesson.

Humility is often closely connected to humiliation. Because we can only fake humility alone in the dark on back rows.Humility is built in battle, in the moments you are running and fighting and leading, and you fall, and people see and then they know you aren’t God and you remember you desperately need God.

Love the fear. As a child, I hated feeling nervous. My mom used to say, “It’s just butterflies.” So I sat in the back of life for decades, avoiding “butterflies.” I successfully avoided nausea and the very best parts of life. If you ever want to do anything of significance, you have to learn to love the sick, tense feeling in your belly instead of hate it. It doesn’t seem to ever leave me these days. So I am making the butterflies my friends.

People liking you is overrated.  If you love being liked by everyone, you are living a boring life. So just quit. Get over it. Let pleasing God become bigger than pleasing people.”

God’s Provisions in Nature… Part 2

I am in the process of “detoxing” our house…. Of learning the balance of natural solutions as opposed to synthetic (or other toxin-riddled) solutions- pharmaceuticals have always freaked me out, mentally AND physically- and I don’t trust that the motives behind drugs that are cranked out and sold to general public like candy are necessarily good, or best. With studies coming out on child obesity and the rise of autoimmune disease, etc., is just making me re-think what all I am putting into mine and my family’s diet.

This train of thought may cause one to look at the food pyramid, and how in this wondrous world does a person ensure they get 9+ servings per day of fruits/vegetables, while still guaranteeing that their loved ones do as well?? Umm, that doesn’t happen in my houseEver.

So what IS Juice Plus+?

Excellent question! 

Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 25 different fruits, vegetables and grains. Juice Plus+ helps bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat every day. Not a multivitamin, medicine, treatment or cure for any disease, Juice Plus+ is made from quality ingredients carefully monitored from farm to capsule to provide natural nutrients your body needs to be at its best.”

I was first introduced to Juice Plus+ back when I was in middle school and my family lived in Colorado. A friend’s mom was a distributor and most if not all the staff at the camp we lived at started to take Juice Plus+ on a regular basis.

Since heading off to college, and then getting married and having children, I have not been on Juice Plus+ and I have also been battling quite a few different health issues, skin issues, and just have felt an overall dullness.

One of my fellow mommy friends got on Juice Plus+ at the beginning of the year and began to share her journey with me… And when I began to think back about the years I had been on Juice Plus+ I realized that those were the times where I was much healthier, never really got sick, had relatively no skin issues, and had energy. Granted, it was also pre-kids, so there is that. But I started looking into it… and went to a couple of information sessions….

And the facts are just so amazing! When I was originally taking Juice Plus+ I had been on the Orchard and Garden Blends and none of the other products- and I highly recommend them for people who are able to get healthy breakfasts and snacks most days in an average week… for me though, I need something more– I need the additional shakes to make for busy mornings, or when my energy is just plain gone in the afternoons. I am also adding the Vineyard blend (I tend to refer to it as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory blend) because so many people who have struggled, really struggled, with autoimmune diseases, or recoveries from surgeries, and other blood regulation needs have had such amazing results with it- so it’s kind of a no-brainer for me!

And what about our kiddos?? With all us mommies gathered together, our concern for the health of the people we love most, and on wanting to change the studies that are saying our generation of children will be among the first to NOT outlive their parents (I mean just up and right feed that anxiety of mine why don’t you?!)- but for my friends and friends of friends adopting their little ones internationally? When children don’t want to eat veggies or aren’t used to textures? If they will eat the gummies that is GREAT! And those gummies will be giving them all sorts of nutrients that they may not be getting much of!

But what if they don’t? What if textures or taste is too different for them to be comfortable with?

You can just break open the capsules and add the fruit and vegetables directly to whatever they will drink or eat! And same with any child who is too young to really chew the gummies!

And oh my how great is that?!

By ingesting these foods, their bodies will begin to recognize and crave the fruits/vegetables and change a child’s tastes and bodies so that when they DO try new foods, it’s something recognizable and even enjoyable!

And an extra awesome factor? A child age 4-18 can be placed on the “Children’s Health Study,” in which you fill out a survey once a year or so, and so long as a parent/grandparent also gets on Juice Plus+ the child gets theirs for FREE!

So this is my “introduction.” I am not a salesperson, I would actually be completely horrible at that because I can only recommend something that I am really passionate about. I believe in being purposeful with the things I purchase– whether that be spending a little extra to bypass any and all affiliation with human trafficking to making sure the things going in and on mine and my loved one’s bodies are natural, beneficial products. And I believe Juice Plus+ is one of these natural, all aroudn good products- one of the little things you can do for yourself, your children, and even recommend to extended family and friends if you see a need in their diets for some added nutrition!

It really is amazing what the right nutrients can do for your body!